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4th Inspiration of Love Youth Artist & Leadership Recognition Awards

We are happy to announce our next award ceremony with 5 talented high school students who will perform their interpretation of non-violence using art discipline of Visual Art, singing, dancing, music and a leader using love, peace, unity and awareness to inspire other young teens.

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The Natasha Love Foundation for Nonviolence, and the Puerto Rican Institute of Art and Advocacy Inc. (PRIAA), are spearheading a fundraising and food campaign to help minimize damages caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico


2nd Annual Inspiration of Love Artists & Leadership Award 01/25/2017



The Natasha Love Foundation celebrates the 2016, 2nd Annual Youth Inspiration of Love Artists Awards, presented to high school students demonstrating a great passion and unique talent in the arts. These awards are designed to promote love, peace, unity and awareness; using art and the creative process to steer teens on a positive path away from teen violence.

The awards recognize the many ways The Natasha Love Foundation supports and inspires Rhode Island youth who contribute to the creative and cultural life of our state. Nominating a student for a Youth Inspiration of Love Artists Award requires a completed and signed application form, as well as any relevant supporting materials, which will be submitted to The Natasha Love Foundation at the address below.


Inspiration of Love Leadership Award – $500.00 award

Honors an individual who displays love and a willingness to help others regardless of who they are or what adversities they have faced. The individual maintains a spirit of service and engages in their community through art and understanding.

Love Visual Art Award – $300.00 award

Recognizes a student who impacts others by demonstrating compassion for others while encouraging a sense of self-worth. This individual must create a painting that promotes love and understanding and inspires a sense of appreciation and respect for one another.

Peace Theatre Award – $300.00

This award recognizes an individual who is outspoken and inspires this confidence in others to speak their minds; propagating hope in others. This student utilizes positive sociological messages and innovative skills to grow in the area of education through poetry and acting, promoting peace in our world.

Unity Dance Award – $300.00

Recognizes a student in the area of education through dance with the intention of sending positive messages of unity. Their body of work should inspire teamwork and collaboration in and out of school.

Awareness Music Award – $300.00

This goal of this award is to recognize students who increase awareness for social justice issues through education and music while simultaneously encouraging others to get involved in their community. Their work should help build self esteem in themselves and others.


The Natasha Love Foundation Fashion Show to Give Back to Orphans in Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Clothing Designed By:  Rebecca FloresSerLieve Fashion Show  02-07-2016.jpg


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