LOVE   for care                                      PEACE  for hope                                    UNITY  builds community


AWARENESS  builds respect

INSPIRATION   for love

Who We Are

Since 2008, The Natasha Love Foundation- Unity through the Arts has devoted its resources and energies to passionately helping marginalized, under-represented high school students (those on the verge of leaving school as well as dropouts), and students with issues and disparities that disrupt their lives.  Our medium is art in all its forms, and our goal in working with teens is to promote transition to a non-violent community and society with focus on social justice.  Founded by the loving mother of slain 18-year old Natasha Love Gonsalves, the Foundation perpetuates her dedication to non-violence, compassion, and multi-faceted artistic expression.  

What We Do

We encourage and support students as they explore various forms of art to express their fears and frustrations as well as their hopes and dreams.  We provide Expressive Arts programming and opportunities for performances, mentoring and support.  TNLF has recognized talented HS students who have demonstrated, whether through painting, poetry, dance, theatre, music or other artistic choice how they use Art to reflect personal encouragement of non-violence.  We teach that within each of us is the power to inspire others through art that reflects Love, Peace, Unity, Awareness and Inspiration of Love for a non-violent world.  

Please watch this brief video to get a glimpse of the magic of a Natasha Love Foundation program:


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is oip.jpgBecause TNLF is grounded in family values, our work with teens also extends to their families.  As we help teens channel their feelings of alienation or hostility productively into the arts, we also invite and involve family members to explore arts-based strategies designed to improve communication and overall mental, physical and family health. 

We also make a difference in the lives of high school students and college interns who are our Ambassadors, our arts-based champions of peace.  These young outreach volunteers take the message of hope inspired by TNLF to a new generation of youth.  Ambassadors also interact with our Board of Directors and strategically-chosen Advisors to enable and empower program participants to build community through visual art, poetry, dance, theatre and inspiration of love of non-violence.

TNLF works closely with schools and local social service organizations to offer free ongoing opportunities for personal growth through the arts to at-risk youth and, where appropriate, to low-income adult community members and adults with disabilities.  

In times of crisis, we need humanity, expression, and the community that the arts create.  TNLF-Unity through the Arts aspires to help ease the strain of these challenging times.  With coronavirus still part of our daily lives, a broader and more diverse population needs stress relief more than ever before.  We provide creative opportunities to spark the imagination and soothe the soul.  TNLF exists to empower, serve and support.



“Love is being happy, and peace is being friendly and equal”
~  Natasha Love  Gonsalves ~

Together We Can Make A Difference
And Help Our Youth


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