LOVE   for care                      PEACE  for hope                              UNITY  build community


AWARENESS  build respect


INSPIRATION   for love

Who We Are

For more than 13 years, The Natasha Love Foundation- Unity through the Arts has devoted its energy to passionately helping marginalized, under-represented high school students on the verge of dropping out of school, those who have dropped out, and those with social and behavioral disparities to pursue their dream in the arts-promoting the transition to a non-violent community and society. TNLF provides performances and Expressive Arts Programs that operate under its own umbrella.

What we Do

TNLF has granted monetary awards to talented HS students who have demonstrated Love, Peace, Unity, Awareness and inspiration of love of non- violence, by means of painting, poetry, dancing, theatre, music and inspiration based on how they used Art as a tool to reflect  non- violence.  The young people that have benefited from the programs thus far have made tremendous progress. 


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TNLF involves schools and other local social service organizations to offer low-income community members, people with disabilities and at-risk youth free ongoing opportunities for personal growth through the arts.

It is all about families, and the work we do promotes not only anti-violence, channeling teenage feelings of alienation or hostility productively into the arts, but promotes family values, communication, mental health, physical health, family health. 

We’re also making a difference in the lives of high school students and college interns who are ambassadors—inspiring a new generation to contribute to their communities through the arts in social service. These young interns along with the board and advisors of TNLF enables and encourages each participant to be empowered and build community through visual art, poetry, dance & theatre and inspiration of love.

Facts and Events

In times of crisis, we need humanity, expression, and the community that the arts create. TNLF-Unity through the Arts aspires to help ease the strain of these challenging times by providing creative opportunities that spark the imagination and soothe the soul. We have always worked to use the arts to empower and serve, mobilizing our mission as we reach both young and old across a wide, diverse audience.

“Love is being happy, and peace is being friendly and equal”
~  Natasha Love  Gonsalves ~

Together We Can Make A Difference
And Help Our Youth