Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to advocate, educate and encourage our youth to strive for self-discovery through the arts.

Self-discovery fosters hope and respect for oneself and one’s community.  As part of the developmental process inspired by the love of creating or performing, members of the Foundation helps guide participants’ actions toward productive outcomes.  Our target population is disengaged youth and adults with disabilities.  We connect them with positive role models who can open doors to promising opportunities in the arts along with skills to attain lifelong success. 

Our Vision is to significantly contribute to a world where marginal, low-income, at-risk youth and people with disabilities are actively engaged in a wide variety of therapeutic art programs.  These are designed to strengthen participants’ minds and bodies and help them find their place in the global arts community.  We envision increasing the number of participants we serve every year and continuing to provide and enhance in-kind support and opportunities to further the pursuit of each student’s artistic dreams.

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