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At the Heart of our Community Arts Programs

What began as the simple desire to fill an unmet community need for non-violence education and programming has grown into a year-round commitment for our Board and volunteers.  We believe in the power of art to nurture understanding and relationship-building among diverse community members.  By bringing arts performances and programming directly to under-served, marginalized communities, we reach and engage people who may not have opportunities for creative self-expression.

Our model invites participants of all abilities to discover talents and express themselves by interacting with local artists.  We create positive experiences for these groups through interactive arts such as creative theatre, expressive movement, visual art, dance, poetry, and the development/sharing of life stories.

Our work melts through social barriers and generates goodwill and a shared appreciation of gifts and talents of individuals within our diverse community.

Community Arts Programs 

We offer Community Arts Programs to at-risk youth and adults with disabilities at local non-profits, free of charge:

Public Annual Artists & Leadership Performances Events Program Interactive performance experiences for low-income community members in a variety of genres. Children and teens of all backgrounds express their creativity and interact with each other as they explore a plethora of costumes and props.

Expressive Arts Teaching Program – Professional artists deliver empowering visual & performing arts experiences and mentor TNLF interns in artistic expression.

Artist Events Program These provide creative activities at public events, including the showcasing of sensitive, innovative work of artists with disabilities.

Creative Internship ProgramInterns are mentored and trained to effectively combine the arts with social service.  This program cultivates empathy & appreciation of diversity while sharing life-affirming experiences in the arts.

Without The Natasha Love Foundation, I would have never noticed my talents that lies within. ~Ash Mendoza~

Steering our youth from detrimental behaviors and teen violence is what the Foundation seeks to support.”

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