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The Natasha Love Foundation for non-violence was established in memory of Natasha Love Gonsalves, an 18 year old High School Graduate whose life was taken due to an act of teen violence on March 20, 2008.

Natasha Love Gonsalves (birth name) was a sensitive, supportive and sympathetic humanitarian, activist and a self accomplished young lady in the arts. She believed in giving and recognizing the important aspects that made her grow and achieve balance in life.

We are a small not for profit 501c3 organization that depends largely on the generosity of family, friends and local merchants who contribute each year to our Inspiration of Love Fundraiser, recognizing our youth. 

Rebecca Flores Principal Founder/President

“Inspire Our Youth Through The Arts”

“Introducing our youth to the arts is introducing them into the future of our communities. I believe that when young people are inspired and chasing their dreams, they are more likely to steer away from violence and destructive behaviors.”     ~Rebecca Flores~

Rebecca Flores is the mother of Natasha Love Gonsalves.  From the time Natasha was born up until the day she left us, Rebecca worked hard in making sure that Natasha attained the necessary skills needed to become the individual she longed sought after as a young vocalist, visual artist, model and business women.  In order to continue her daughter’s legacy, Ms. Flores established The Natasha Love Foundation in 2008, to promote awareness of teen violence and inspire our youth through arts and education.

In  2004, Ms Flores self-published  a book in honor of her daughter, Poems To My Daughter – Poemas Para Mi Hija: My Journey in Healing, and was the catalyst for mentoring, teaching therapeutic art, her traveling art exhibitions, lectures on teen violence and mental health awareness.

Ms. Flores was born in New York City, raised in the South Bronx and graduated from Grand Canyon University, a private Christian school with a degree in Bachelors of Science in Counseling with an Emphasis in Addiction, Chemical Dependency, and Substance Abuse & a Master’s degree in Psychology.

Rebecca currently lives in Cranston, Rhode Island with her son Joshua Elijah Amado and is studying voraciously, mastering her license in art therapy. She was a teaching artist for Roger Williams Middle School through CityArts/Americorp and a community artist mentor for Central Falls High School, Boys and Girls Club and worked with The Providence Center. She also teaches art – women’s group and designs art integrated programs using art and poetry to under-represented youth as a vehicle of improving and enhancing a physical, emotional, social and psychological awareness (www.rebeccafloresartistcom).



Rebecca Flores, President & Founder

Thomas McGovern, Vice President

Karen Bristow, Secretary

Marcos Olivo, Treasurer

Mark Laroche, Attorney

Heriberto Gonzalez, Financial Advisor

John “JR” Pagliarini, Senior Executive Advisor

Sandra Olivo Peterson, Public Relations

L. Maria Rivera, Community Relations Advisor

Hillary Williamson, Event Advisor

Liz Oliveira, Event Manager


Stacey Chaffee

Joshua I. Gorra

Robert Lima

Andrew Liss


Brian Trapp

Warren Simmons

Grace Gonzalez

Steve Chaffee

William Bundy

Scott Duhamel

Alice Boss Altman

Luis A. Torrado

Christie Luna

Lizzy Zayas

Lydia Perez

Ane Mendiburu

Linda Newton

Maria Ruggieri

Jorge Cardenas


Joshua E. Amado

Rubi Tiburcio

Anthony Defilippo

Rene Richardson

Orlando Santos, Jr.

Every Gift Counts!


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