Education and Identity

Education and identity isn’t seasonal, which is why our year-round contributions get so much attention. Devote some time and see first-hand, alongside family and friends, the work our youth create as we empower them to pursue their dreams.  

2014 – Inspiration of Love  – Ash Mendoza a Central Falls High School Student

Ash Mendoza was faced with a falling out with a friend no high school adolescent should have to face.   Ash’s life was like your ordinary teen going through identity and peer troubles.  How he dealt with it, has empowered other adolescents throughout Central Falls High School.  He has written a book with the help of his mentor Rebecca Flores, based on his experience and will have an open book art exhibition for others to realize that they are not alone.  He is pursuing a career in the arts as an animator.  He presented his model of “The Falling Down”, at an unveiling of his inked sketch collection associated with his model.

It is Ash’s hope that through his book presentation and exhibition others dealing with bullying on develop the skills outlined in the model to cope and learn to love yourself.  “This event was truly an inspirational presentation.”

Exhibition Sponsored by The Natasha Love Foundation



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